Edition Retro – Classic Cars

The 1970-1980-1990’S

A period of passion during which the notion of power and elegance took precedence over that of CO2 and functionality. When road behaviour was the subject of more conversations in pubs than in the still embryonic field of connectivity. When the pleasure of driving was measured in terms of emotions felt rather than in terms of recharge time.

With its Special Edition on Classic Cars & Youngtimers, Moniteur Automobile and AutoGids offer you a dive into the world of these iconic models, both popular and exceptional, which made up the cars of our childhood, some of those we drove or simply dreamed about with posters in our teenage bedrooms.

Throughout these 148 pages, you will find with us those cars that hold a special place in our memories and hearts, through detailed tests of the time that have been reissued, exclusive tests of models that we have found again, portraits of men and women who live their passion to the fullest to varying degrees.

In brief, THE perfect backdrop to tell your brand story through native content.

Xavier Daffe.