Reaching affluent audiences online

In a time of growing uncertainty, most of the customers are reducing or delaying their non-essential purchases. This behavior is the source of extra headaches for advertisers: they know they are sending the right message at the right person on the right channel, but they realize that they are not sending it at the right moment. In order to maximize their return on investment, they need to solve this problem. And if finding the right moment seems like the logical way to go, there is another solution: finding the audience for who there is no wrong moment. This target, spared by the economic crisis, exists: it is composed of the higher social classes of the population, the affluent people. And most of them are reachable on the Produpress Network.

Let’s see what is possible, on the Automotive and Real Estate part of our ecosystem

Real Estate

In difficult times, speculation becomes a riskier business. War in Ukraine, cryptocurrency crash and interrogation about businesses resilience to COVID lead affluent people to invest their money differently. Real estate becomes a premium choice.

Investors are therefore a booming audience on the Immoweb website. They have a behavior different from the rest of the population:

  • Some of these are searching for villa’s
  • An even more affluent category is focused on luxury villa’s
  • And above them, the very few interested in Large/Exceptional estates, such as castles.
  • Some others are looking at buying apartment buildings, to rent them
  • Other are looking at business properties, also in an investment context.

What if you could present your finance product to these persons only?

Well, this is absolutely possible: we can display your ad only on the pages which context is adapted to the audience of your products. The segmentation possibilities are numerous:

  • Target only on offices & businesses building; on new real estate projects
  • Show your ad only on the pages of properties above a certain price
  • Focus on Castles, Mansions, or Exceptional properties
  • Ask for a minimum number of bedrooms, a minimum living area surface or a minimum garage size
  • Focus on houses with a swimming pool, a huge garden or  an A++ energy class

By combining these parameters, you’ll certainly find the audience you need, and increase the probability to convert them.


Cars have always been and remain a public display of a person social class. Tell me which car you drive, and I’ll tell you how much money you make.

Our automotive websites have this precious predictive power. With their distinctive sections and fine categorization of each of their page, we are able to identify car interests of each of our visitors:

  • Who is, as a freelance, interested by the fiscal advantages of a big car
  • Who has a marked interest in Oldtimers, and who is buying them
  • Who has an interest in Sportscars
  • Who is only focused on a certain brand or a certain model
  • Who sees more Automotive as a lifestyle than a simple vehicle and spends a lot for his passion.

Again, the relevance of your marketing campaigns can be increased by only showing your ads to the relevant persons. This can be easily achieved by selecting the right criteria that will make the ultimate difference.

Do you know what is also different for affluent audiences? Their media consumption.
They read magazine way more than the average consumer. And we have in our ecosystem two magazines they are interested in:

  • Classic Cars: a magazine read by Oldtimers and Youngtimers collectors
  • Miles: the upscale automotive lifestyle magazine.

Interested in reaching the core of your audience online, or in those two high social class magazine, contact us for more info, and start generating ROI!