From 02/11/2021 to 15/11/2021 – N= 1929

What do Belgian consumers think of Private Lease?

‘The semiconductor crisis, uncertainty about delivery times, uncertainty about future environmental standards, fluctuating political decisions… Today more than ever, the private buyer of a new car is facing uncertainty when it comes to investing in a major purchase. What if the solution was a shift the risk to a leasing company? Can private leasing come to the rescue and find it’s momentum in 2022?’ —Xavier Daffe.

In search of answers, Le Moniteur Automobile and AutoGids have conduced an online survey to access the willingness to consider private lease. Nearly 2.000 people participated between November 02 and November 15, 2021.

The concept of PRIVATE LEASE is known by almost one in two respondents (48%) and of those who know about the product 69% are considering it for their next car.

The main reasons for choosing a PRIVATE LEASE are budgetary control for 66%, followed by a competitive price (for 35%) and flexibility over time for 32%. The principle of « I don’t have to worry about anything » and « no bad (budget) surprises » seem to be the strong points of PRIVATE LEASE.

Those who are aware of the formula but are not considering PRIVATE LEASE for their next car (31%), mention the financial impact as the main reason for refusal. 51% find the costs of returning the car or compensating for minor damage too high. The next most important reason (50%) was « an uncompetitive price ». For 26% there is too little flexibility on the duration and 13% find that there is a lack of transparency.

After explaining to the 52% who did not know about PRIVATE LEASE, 67% found this formula interesting.