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Brussel Auto Show 2024

In the 2024 Brussels Auto Show, Produpress’s pivotal partnership was key to its unprecedented success, drawing an impressive 122,000 visitors. As the leading automotive sales house in Belgium, Produpress executed a strategic media campaign and engaging contests that significantly broadened the event’s reach and appeal.

Utilizing its extensive network, Produpress launched a multi-channel marketing blitz, emphasizing social media to stir excitement and anticipation. Through targeted posts, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interactive content, Produpress captured the attention of a broad audience, sparking conversations and sharing across platforms.

Email campaigns were meticulously crafted, combining captivating visuals and compelling narratives about the show’s highlights, including exclusive previews and celebrity appearances. These emails were tailored to different segments of Produpress’s extensive database, ensuring personalized engagement and maximizing interest.

Recognizing the power of media coverage, Produpress’s journalists and influencers crafted unique stories, turning them into amplifiers of the event’s allure. This strategy not only secured extensive coverage but also lent credibility and added buzz to the show.

Produpress also activated its audience, harnessing the enthusiasm of the automotive community. Contests with enticing prizes (free tickets, magazine subscriptions,… ), were promoted across all channels, driving participation and word-of-mouth promotion.

By integrating social media, email marketing, journalist engagement, and audience activation, Produpress not only helped the Brussels Auto Show achieve record attendance but also reinforced its reputation as a leader in automotive marketing. This comprehensive approach showcased the effectiveness of a well-rounded marketing strategy in amplifying event success.

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