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Our mission

Neutral and serious commitment

At Produpress, we are firmly committed to providing serious, neutral, and commercially independent content. This philosophy lies at the core of each of our media outlets, whether in the automotive sector or other upcoming domains. We pledge to uphold this fundamental rule.

Every day, we strive to enhance our magazines and websites by utilizing and sharing our data to deliver an optimal user experience. Our quality content includes reviews and insights from our journalists, along with information on emerging mobility trends, pricing, and stocks of new and used cars. Additionally, we offer a healthy and innovative advertising environment, featuring native, CCS, PR, and programmatic ad formats.

Our size is our primary advantage. While more modest than some of our competitors, it grants us unparalleled flexibility and rapid decision-making capabilities for all our partners.

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Belgium —Bd. de l'Humanité 292, 1190 Brussels
+32 2 499 12 99

    Belgium —
    Bd. de l’Humanité 292, 1190 Brussels


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